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1L Survival Guide: Study Aids

Basic Law Library Survival Information

1L Skills

Wilson R. Huhn, The Five Types of Legal Argument, 2nd ed. (Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press, 2008) KF 380 .H84 2008.

Get Used to Reading

The 3 Rs (skills) for law school are Researching, Reading and wRiting.  In that order. First you have to find it; then read it; and finally, write about it.  These three skills get better with practice.

Study Aids

Equity aids the vigilent, not those who slumber on their rights. - Equity Maxim

The law library purchases study aids for students to use.  You may ask for a study aid at the Circulation Desk.

Sum & Substance CD Sets

If you are an auditory learner or just want to review a topical area of law, consider checking out one of the Sum & Substance CD sets.  (Ask for these at the Circulation Desk.)

  • Arthur Raphael Miller, Civil Procedure, 6th ed., Sum and substance (Eagan, MN: West Group, 1999). 
  • Douglas J Whaley, Commercial Paper and Payment Law, 3rd ed., Outstanding professor series (Eagan, MN: Thomson/West, 2008). 
  • Thomas C Fischer, Conflict of Laws, 4th ed. (Eagin, Minn: West Group, 2007). 
  • Joshua Dressler, Criminal Law, 4th ed., Sum & substance CD series (Eagan, MN: West Group, 2005). 
  • Joshua Dressler, Criminal Procedure, 4th ed., The outstanding professor series (Eagan, MN: Thomson West Group, 2005). 
  • Steven Goode and West Group, Evidence, 4th ed. (Eagan, MN: Thomson/West, 2008). 
  • Marc G Perlin, Family Law, 5th ed. (Eagan, MN: West Group, 2009). 
  • Douglas A Kahn, Kahn on Federal Income Tax, 4th ed. (Inglewood, CA: Center for Creative Education Services, 1975). 
  • James D Cox, Securities Regulation, 3rd ed., The outstanding professor series (Eagan, MN: West Group, 2006). 
  • Robert Allen Sedler and Center for Creative Educational Services, Sum & Substance of Conflict of Laws (Culver City, CA: Josephson Center for Creative Educational Services, 1981). 
  • Gerry W Beyer, Wills and Trusts, 4th ed. (Eagan, MN: Thomson/West, 2009).  


Nutshells are hornbooks that provide concise overviews of an area of law and can be found in the reserve collection.  Ask for them at the Circulation Desk.


A hornbook is a book that explains the basics of a given subject.

West Publishing has a Hornbook Series on various legal topics.  They are bound in green and have gold font on the cover and spines.  Hornbooks can be located in the catalog by searching for the keyword "hornbook."  Hornbooks are useful references when making your course outline.

Lexis Digital Library

Lexis publishes many study aids on various areas of law. These are available as ebooks. You can read them via OverDrive or download into your Kindle reader. Check them out from the convenience of your home. 

Subject Guide

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