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Researching the People's Republic of China (Focus: Business Laws): News Sources

This research guide will point you to several general resources for conducting foreign law research, and focus more specifically on China and laws governing businesses in that jurisdiction.

Recommended Blogs and News

Current Awareness and Analysis

  • Bloomberg Law database collects country and region specific news.  Access is by user name and password.  Ask a Librarian to obtain log on credentials.  Limited to currently enrolled UH Law students and UH Law faculty/staff. Select:
    • Select: By News > News by Topic > Regions > China (can be subdivided to Beijing, Shanghai, Macau)
  • BNA International Databases provide legal and business analysis on developments in other countries organized by topic.  Access is limited to on campus users.
      • International Business and Finance Daily
      • International Trade Daily > By Country > China
      • International Trade Reporter > By Country > China
      • World Securities Law Report
  • China Law and Practice is often the first resource to report on developments in the law.  In addition to their news service, CLP provides full text translations of the law.  Access is limited to UH Law students, facutly and staff. Contact Librarian Swee Berkey at to obtain a user name and password.
  • Westlaw China is a full service database.  Access news and laws in Chinese and English. 
  • Westlaw
    • From the Directory, select "International/Worldwide"
    • Select: > Asia and the Pacific Rim > Individual Country Materials > China
    • Select:> a database 
    • Possible Search: HLD(China and foreign investment) & add a date restrictor
      • Use LOCATE IN RESULTS to find topic specific articles
      • Use ADD SEARCH TO WESTCLIP to obtain continuous news feeds