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LibKey Nomad and BrowZine

An instructional guide to research tools LibKey Nomad and BrowZine

LibKey Nomad & E-books

Beginning in February 2023, the LibKey Nomad browser extension now increases access beyond scholarly articles to include E-Books from your library. When a user who has installed LibKey Nomad arrives at popular publisher sites and platforms that reference available E-Books, LibKey Nomad will indicate that access is available from the library, then connect the user to the E-Book content.

Amazon screenshot with book and LibKey Nomad icon

Platforms where LibKey Nomad links users to library E-Book content include Amazon, Wikipedia, and Google Books and major publisher sites including Wiley, Elsevier, Cambridge, Springer Nature, SAGE, and many more. Moreover, LibKey Nomad intelligently links users to the library's available source of the E-Book, which is not always the point of discovery. For example, if a user discovers an E-Book on a De Gruyter website, but access to the E-Book is from EBSCO, LibKey Nomad will correctly link the user to the E-Book on the EBSCO platform.