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1L Survival Guide: Online Catalog

Basic Law Library Survival Information






Since the OPAC transitioned from a physical card catalog to an electronic online system many of the skills necessary to use the catalog effectively seem to have disappeared with the cards.  It may help to know that the OPAC (either Aquabrowser or Voyager) is essentially an index to the law library collection.  Although it may seem like a keyword system like Google, the OPAC uses a special taxonomy and vocabulary. 

A taxonomy is a classification system.

The taxonomy used is the Library of Congress Classification System.  Within this system, all of the library's materials whether physical or virtual are assigned one or more LC Subject Headings.  Subject headings keep similar items next to one another in a collection.  Because of this system, the Serendipity Factor plays a large role when you browse the stacks looking for books on a particular topic or subject. 

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As part of the University of Hawai‘i Libraries, the Law Library's catalog is the same as the University's:  Voyager.  Primo is a discovery layer for the Library's holdings to make searching the catalog more like a Google search. 


Use a broad search, then narrow by using clicking on a facet on the left-hand side.

Get This Item

After you check for the availability of an item, you can click on the link on the right.  The link takes you to a login screen.  Use your UH login here.  Hawai‘i Voyager allows you to request books, articles, and AV materials through different kinds of forms based on your campus affiliation and patron type (student, faculty, staff, etc.). When you click "Get this item," you will see a list of the forms that are available for you.


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