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Researching the People's Republic of China (Focus: Business Laws): Finding Treatises

This research guide will point you to several general resources for conducting foreign law research, and focus more specifically on China and laws governing businesses in that jurisdiction.

Search Tip

When conducting keyword searches for country information, use the name of the country AND/OR the region AND/OR the cultural group with which the country is associated (if applicable).   

For example: beijing or china or asia

Searching Library Databases with Subjects

These subject searches can be use in most U.S. libraries, including the

UH Library Voyager catalog at, and

the World Cat catalog at (log in preferred)

Subject Search Recommendations: Each subject can be followed by a jursidiction of interest to make your search precise.  

For example, typing "commercial law asia" will result in treatises that focus on the commercial laws in Asian countries; however, typing "commercial law china" will result in treatises that discuss China's commercial laws.  


When searching for materials on Hong Kong use the subject search: hong kong china.  

When searching for materials on Macau, use the subject search: "macau (china) or macau (china: special administrative region).

    • Arbitration and Award [insert jurisdiction]

    • Banking [insert jurisdiction]

    • Bankruptcy  [insert jurisdiction]

    • Business Enterprises Foreign Law and Legislation  [insert jurisdiction]

    • Business Enterprises Law and Legislation  [insert jurisdiction]

    • Business Etiquette  [insert jurisdiction]

    • Business Law  [insert jurisdiction]

    • Capital Markets [insert jurisdiction]

    • Corporate Governance Law and Legislation  [insert jurisdiction]

    • Commercial Law  [insert jurisdiction]

    • Corporate Law  [insert jurisdiction]

    • Criminal Law [insert jurisdiction]

    • Investments Foreign Law and Legislation  [insert jurisdiction]

    • Land Use Law and Legislation  [insert jurisdiction]

    • Real Property [insert jurisdicion]

    • Securities [insert jurisdiction]