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Researching the People's Republic of China (Focus: Business Laws): Indexes of Articles

This research guide will point you to several general resources for conducting foreign law research, and focus more specifically on China and laws governing businesses in that jurisdiction.

Indexes of Legal Articles

Databases of published legal articles available through Westlaw (example: Journals & Law Reviews), LexisNexis (example: U.S. & Canadian Law Reviews, Combined), or Directory of Open Access Journals do not include all articles.  The most comprehensive result of research on published material is achieved using INDEXES to periodical literature as listed below or the Hein Online Law Journal Library.  EXCEPTION:  UNPUBLISHED ARTICLES!

To find working papers, unpublished legal articles, and recently published legal articles, search:

Social Science Research Network

bePress Legal Repository  

To find published legal articles on a topic, or to discover the published legal articles written by a particular author, use indexes.


         Hein Online, Law Journal Library:  Most comprehensive full-text database of law journal articles published in the United States               (1789 to present).

Westlaw's Current Index to Legal Periodicals - Focus: Recently published U.S. legal articles.

Westlaw's Legal Resource Index (1980-) - Focus: Legal articles published in the U.S. + some articles published in Australia, Canada, the U.K., and New Zealand.

Westlaw's Legal Journals Index (1986-) Focus: Legal articles published in the U.K. and in Europe.

Westlaw's Legal Journals Index (focus: U.K. & Europe)

Search results (cites and abstracts) in Legal Journals Index generally do not link to full-text articles.  Check Westlaw, LexisNexis, Proquest Central, Academic Search Premier and the Voyager catalog by title of the legal journal containing an article.  If needed, you may request articles via the UH interlibrary loan system.        

Search Westlaw's Legal Journals Index:

Westlaw's Legal Resource Index (focus: U.S.)

Search Westlaw's Legal Resource Index:
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