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Topic Selection and Pre-emption: Topic Selection

General Legal News/Blogs

Legal Analysis by Topic

  • Bloomberg Law Reports provides in-depth analysis of legal issues in 20 different specialties.  You will need a Bloomberg Law login to access this resource (UH Law School only).
  • Law 360 (available via Lexis Advance) is a source for breaking news and analysis for legal professionals. It is organized by practice areas, industries, and states (California, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas).
  • Westlaw Practical Law (UH Law School only) - Login to Westlaw and navigate to the Practical Law site.


Circuit Splits

Legislation and Regulations

Pending legislation or regulations are good sources to find timely issues to write about.

Human Resources

Topics can also arise from your daily activities like a case or statute discussed in class, or at your workplace.  Your professors can also be an asset in both identifying and helping you refine your topic.  If you have an interest in a particular area of law, seek out an expert on the subject and discuss it with them.  Their experience in a subject field is invaluable and can never be replaced by Google or some other database search.