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Bluebook Citations: Court Documents

Guide to basic legal citations to the 20th ed. of The Bluebook.

Citing a Motion in State Court

Citations are to the 20th edition of The Bluebook, A Uniform System of Citation.

Rule 10.8.3, Table 7 (abbreviations)

The Document:  MOTION TO CONDUCT PROCEEDINGS IN ENGLISH in the District Court of the Second Circuit Wailuku Division State of Hawaii. State of HawaiĘ»i v. Samuel Kaeo, No. 2DCW-17-00023038

The Rules: Use the Bluebook, Blue Pages, pages 24-26 in Rule B17, Rule 10.8.3, and Table 7. Replace <pincite> with the pincite location. The word "Citation:" is NOT PART OF THE CITATION because it is a label.

Citation:  Mot. to Conduct Proceedings in English, <pincite>, Hawaii v. Kaeo, No. 2DCW-17-0002038 (Dist. Ct. 2d Cir. Ct. Wailulu Div., Haw.).