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Foreign Law Research: Articles and Journals

This guide will assist you when researching a foreign (not the U.S.) legal system.

Research Tips for Finding Articles/Journals

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Legal literature written in U.S. and Commonwealth country law journals include articles written about other countries’ legal systems.  These articles will normally be written in English and be available through familiar resources like Hein Online, Lexis, Westlaw.  The full text availability of journal on Lexis and Westlaw DO NOT include all articles.  Comprehensive research includes reviewing INDEXES to periodical literature, searching through Hein Online and accessing material open source providers like SSRN, bePress and the open journal directories. 

Indexes and databases of full text periodicals from individual countries will often include mixed resources.  In these databases, you may see a full range of academic disciplines represented, not just legal periodicals.  It is likely that the material will not be in English, though it may be indexed with English terminology.  These types of resources are particularly helpful to help identify policy issues, scientific background and political influences on legal issues.

Consult the Finding Aids subpage on this tab for further advice.