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User guide to create a Permalink for Law Review Citations and how to cite the Permalink.

Perma Organizations

Journals, courts, faculty member offices and others can qualify as archiving organizations. Organizations enable groups of individual Perma users to affiliate together and to share access to Perma Records and Links.  Now you have two choices to become a Perma Organization : an individual user or an archiving organization. Once you become the archiving organization, you will be able to add your faculty support specialists, research assistants, anybody who is affiliated with you to that one archiving organization and they can share links.

Create Perma Individual Accounts

Anyone can create a free, individual account, which will allow you to create ten links per month. Go to  to create an account. 

To learn more about how works, please review the user guide at

Become Perma Archiving Organizations offers unlimited free accounts to academic faculty members affiliated with any registrar library. Since the Richardson School of Law Library is a registrar library, our faculty members are qualified as archiving organizations, simply contact your library registrant, Keiko Okuhara at keikooku[at], to become the archiving organization.


To create an account or to learn more about accounts, please visit

Authority and Responsibilities of Archiving Organization Owners offers unlimited free accounts to academic journals and faculty members affiliated with any registrar library. The members of an archiving organization can create Perma Records on behalf of the organization. They also can create affiliated users or remove users from the organization.

Typically an archiving organization is a collection of Perma users working together within the organization. The organization owner is responsible for ensuring that its users do not abuse their authority . Every link created by anyone on behalf of the organization becomes automatically associated with the entire organization, so it's important that the organization owner exercises judgment about who can be affiliated and what kinds of activities on behalf of the organization are appropriate. Within an archiving organization, every user has access to all of the links created on behalf of the organization. This lets organization members work collaboratively and manage links across the organization.

Adding and Removing Affiliated Users:

Every user within an archiving organization has the ability to add or remove users on behalf of the organization. Each organization should decide for itself, in consultation with its advisers, how it wants to manage the addition and removal of users.

To assign users to the organization, if the user already has a Perma account, go to

Click "add organization user," enter the user's email address and submit.

You'll be asked to confirm her addition to your organization. If the person doesn't have a Perma account, you'll be asked to create one for her, and a verification email will be sent to her so she can get up and running with Perma.

To remove a user from an archiving organization, go to  and enter the user's email address. Find the user's account and click the "remove" button.