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Fake News - Finding the Facts: Regulations

Guide on how to research "fake news" to get to the underlying official documents.

Researching Regulations

The Federal Register Act (FRA) of 1935 created the Federal Register publication.  The Federal Register is the official "newspaper" of the Executive Branch of government and is published every work day.  The documents that the Federal Register Act requires agencies to publish in the Federal Register include:

  • executive orders and proclamations;
  • documents of general applicability and legal effect;
  • documents that impose a penalty; and
  • any other documents that Congress requires.

In 1937, Congress amended the FRA to create the Code of Federal Regulations, a codification of all currently effective agency regulations.

In 1946, Congress refined the rulemaking process by enacting the Administrative Procedure Act, which established a uniform process for publishing, obtaining comments on, and finalizing regulations. This standard rulemaking process is known as “informal rulemaking.”

Examples of presidential documents that may but do not have to be published are administrative orders, presidential memos, and other miscellaneous documents.

Presidential Actions Concerning Regulations

Set up Alerts

Each link on to a H.J. Res. offers a link to "Get Alerts."

U.S. Department of Homeland Security


Editorial Notes

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More Congressional Bills

As of 2/19/17, 82 Joint Resolutions have been introduced in the House. Only 38 invoke chapter 8 of title 5.

Only two invoking chapter 8 of title 5 have been signed into law by the President.  

One is currently on the President's desk for his signature.

Some, but not all are linked on this page.

Legislative Powers

Congressional Bills

Search for

  • h.j. res. "chapter 8 of title 5"
  • Alternately, use advanced search and search the 116th Cong. for H.J. Res. bills.