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Environmental Law Research Guide: Overview

Use this guide to access the best resources available for environmental law research.


The study of environmental law involves science, law, technology and politics. It is an engaging study of law.  

This Guide focuses on environmental law resources as well as non-law environmental materials: environmental case law, statutes and legislative history, administrative law, international and foreign environmental law, scientific and statistical sources, news, and specialized web sites. It includes legal research resources such as books, articles, Westlaw, Lexis, and Bloomberg Law, as well as databases we subscribe to and also a number of free websites.

Research Strategy

Legal research requires thought and organization. The initial stage of an effective search strategy involves brainstorming search terms. Create a list and make sure you think of alternative terms (cancer and oncology). Maintain a record of your research.

One recommended search process with legal materials is to start with secondary sources. Use these to obtain background information, put your issue into context, help reframe your thesis, and discover cites to primary sources. 

Be sure to see Scholarly Legal Research and Topic Selection and Pre-emption for further assistance.

Secondary Sources

In addition to books and the resources on Westlaw and Lexis, other secondary sources are helpful. Among the databases most frequently used for environmental law research are: Environmental Law Institute’s Environmental Law Reporter; and the Energy & Environment news sources which include E & E NewsClimateWire, EnergyWire, and GreenWire. These and additional resources are listed in the Databases section of this Guide.

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