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Researching Attorneys, Judges, & Law Firms: Bloomberg Litigation Intelligence Center

Don't Forget

  • Google the person or firm you are researching.
  • Check news feeds.
  • Narrow your results when there are too many.
  • Sorting can make the tables easier to manipulate.

Litigation Intelligence Center

  • Select "Litigation Intelligence Center" from the browse list.


  • Click on "Browse" from the Litigation Analytics Center page. Now, Select "Litigation Analytics" from the browse list.


Litigation Analytics for companies and the law firms they use.


Select Judge, Law Firm, or Company. NOTE: this database only includes FEDERAL judges.

Once you begin typing, Bloomberg will offer names to click through. The example, here, shows the beginning of the analytics.

Scroll down for more.

Law Firms

Law Firm analytics can be viewed here.