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Legal Writing

This Guide assists first-year law students with the CREAC format used in legal writing.

Question Presented Checklist

  The Question Presented is framed so that it can be answered yes or no.


  The Question Presented starts the question with one of the following words: whether, is, does, can, did, under.


  The Question Presented uses precise language to state the legal issue raised by the determinative facts.


  The Question Presented includes enough key, determinative facts to give context to the question.


  The Question Presented poses the question and avoids answering it. 


  The Question Presented is only one sentence.


  The Question Presented ends with a question mark.


  More than one QP: The Questions Presented are numbered and stated together under the QUESTIONS PRESENTED heading.


  More than one QP: The Questions Presented are listed in the same order as the issues in the Discussion section.