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Legal Writing

This Guide assists first-year law students with the CREAC format used in legal writing.

Brief Answer Checklist

  The Brief Answer starts off with a very short statement of your conclusion about the issue (No, Probably No, Yes, Probably Yes).


  The Brief Answer, in its first sentence, concisely and precisely answers the Question Presented.


  The Brief Answer, in a sentence or two, states (or paraphrases) the black-letter rule of law applicable to the issue.


  The Brief Answer cites the controlling statute or seminal case (e.g. Miranda) in the statement of the rule; however, the Brief Answer avoids citing non-seminal cases.


  The Brief Answer concisely and precisely applies the rule to the key, determinative facts in summary of the larger application from the Discussion.


  The Brief Answer avoids a detailed rule application.


  The Brief Answer is no longer than a moderate length paragraph.


  More than one BA: the Brief Answers are numbered and stated under the BRIEF ANSWERS heading.


  More than one BA: the Brief Answers are listed in the same order as the issues in the Questions Presented (and the Discussion section).