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Legal Research: Home

This Guide will help law students navigate the legal research process.

Why Becoming a Strong Legal Researcher Matters

Becoming a strong legal researcher distinguishes you from other law students (and attorneys), saves your clients money, and protects your reputation and career.

A Note About Using This Guide:  The iwi kupuna and contract issues that are dissected here throughout this Guide are for illustration.  Depending on your research strategy or the authority you are searching, you are likely to rely on and consume the information within each tab in a piecemeal fashion.  Where this might apply, the Guide signals whether you might want to scroll only the left-side of the screen, only the right-side, or both, depending on your research strategy.  Mahalo.

Protect Your Reputation & Career

Fined, Reprimanded, & Disbarred for Sloppy Research and Poor Writing