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Tech for Lawyering Competencies: Research & Writing: Evernote

Covers technology that assists with note-taking and writing


Evernote lets you enhance your notes with links, checklists, tables, attachments, and audio recordings. Even handwritten notes are searchable. It has the added benefits of being able to “clip” outside resources to your notes and to present your works-in-progress through automatically populated Evernote presentation slides. Evernote also makes physical notebooks that can sync into your online Evernote “notebook.”


The app works with Mac, PC, and Apple/Android smartphones.

There is a free version (basic) which allows syncing of two devices and a limit of 60 MB of new uploads per month.

The Plus version allows you to sync unlimited devices and a limit of 1 GB of new uploads per month.

Recommended Usage

Obvious use is powerful note-taking. In this note above there is an inserted image, the citation (in Bluebook), a permalink to the pages mentioned and a spot for you own personal notes (click to enlarge).

More Information

Other Apps & Comparison

note taking comparisons

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Further reading

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