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Tech for Lawyering Competencies: Research & Writing: MS Word for Lawyers: Cross Referencing

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Cross references are used in legal documents frequently. Word allows convenient method to use cross references, automatically updating them if a paragraph is moved.

Inserting a Cross Reference

1. Find the section where you want to insert a cross reference.

For example, you could write To learn more about these the Basque people, see page and then type a blank space. The blank space separates the word page from the page number in the cross-reference. If you are referring to a heading, write something like For more information, see “. Don’t type a blank space this time because the cross-reference heading text will appear right after the double quotation mark.

2. Place the cursor exactly where the cross reference will be inserted.

3. Select Insert -> Links group -> Cross reference button.

4. Under Reference Type, select Numbered Item (Other choices are cross referenced numbered lists, headings, bookmarks, footnotes, endnotes, equations, figures, or tables).

5. Under Insert reference, select Page number.

6. Highlight the correct paragraph that you are cross-referencing under For which numbered item.

7. Click Insert to insert the cross reference.

8. Click Close.

Updating Cross References

To update all cross references, select Ctrl + A which selects the entire document, then press the F9 key to update.