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A Website for the translation of Japanese laws and regulations and links to Japanese governmental agencies.


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Japanese Law

             法令 (Hōrei, Written Laws )

In Japanese

       In English

憲法 (Kenpō)


法律 (Hōritsu)

 Statutes; Acts of the Diet

命令 (Meirei)


政令 (Seirei)

 Cabinet Orders

条例 (Jōrei)


規則 (Kisoku)

 Regulations; Rules

条約 (Jōyaku)




不文法(Fubun hō, Unwritten Laws)

In Japanese

In English

慣習法 (Kanshū hō)

 Customary laws or Custom

判例法 (Hanrei hō)

 Case laws

条理 (Jōri)


Dictionary Search

Dictionary Search allows you to search the term you selected.  If the term is included in the dictionary, you will find the equivalent translated term in Japanese and the link for laws which use the term.

 Example: "Immigration"

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(Example) 法務省令: 経済産業省令
Ordinance of the Ministry of Justice: Ordinance of METI

(Example) 出入国管理及び難民認定法第七条第一項第二号の基準を定める省令
Ministerial Ordinance to Provide for Criteria Pursuant to Article 7, paragraph (1), item (ii) of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act

(Example) 入国審査官に対し上陸の申請をして(出入国管理及び難民認定法6条2項)
apply for landing to an immigration inspector

Example: "Telecommunications"


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Search results of "telecommunications"(Search is and)(Search by Keyword)

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