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Hawai`i Legal Research: Administrative Rules

Links to online legal resources for researching Hawaii laws.

Quick Information

Titles without Rules:

  • Title 1 - Governor
  • Title 9 - Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA)
  • Title 21 - Legislative Agencies
  • Title 22 - Judiciary (Rules of Court)

  Links to all agency administrative rules websites.

Monthly Reports beginning Aug 20.12-date.
Note: there is some lag in adding monthly reports to this website.

Official Copies of Rules:

"Each state agency adopting, amending, or repealing a rule shall prepare a certified copy of the rule changes according to the Ramseyer format. Each state agency shall maintain a file of the copies in the Ramseyer format and shall make the file available for public inspection and copying at a cost as specified in section 91-2.5." Haw. Rev. Stat. § 91-4.1.

Act 301 of the 1999 Hawaii Session Laws required agencies to post the full text of their proposed rules on the internet through the office of the lieutenant governor beginning Jan. 1, 2000. 

The Act is intended to:

(1) Expedite the efforts of the office of the lieutenant governor to post all final state agency rules on the internet by helping to ensure that all state departments have at least some staff capable of producing documents in the form needed for posting on the internet. The preparation for posting of proposed rules will provide earlier and more regular opportunities for departmental staffs to work with the office of the lieutenant governor in standardizing necessary procedures; and

(2) Simultaneously improve public access and reduce the need for agencies to provide paper copies by giving interested persons the alternative of downloading or printing the proposed rules from the internet, and being able to access the information from their home, their place of business, or a public library.

Citation: S.B. 1016, 20th Leg., Reg. Sess., 1999 Haw. Sess. Laws 301 § 1 (codified at Haw. Rev. Stat. § 91-2.6).

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Rules by Title

How to Cite Administrative Rules

According to The Bluebook, 20th ed.  See also Rule 14.

These are citations to print publications.

Code of Hawaii Rules (LexisNexis)

Haw. Code R. § x-x-x (LexisNexis <year>)

Hawaii Government Register (LexisNexis)

<iss. no.> Haw. Gov't Reg. <page no.> (LexisNexis <month year>)


Links to Hawai`i Administrative Rules

In the Law Library (print):

Code of Hawaiʻi Rules (17 vols.) - looseleaf set shelved in the lobby area with other primary authorities.

Hawaiʻi Government Register (monthly) - updates the Code of Hawaii Rules; shelved in the lobby area with other primary authorities (not updated past 2016).

Available online:

Ken H. Takayama, Pathfinders: Administrative Codes, Registers, and State Blue Books (1989) available at

Hawaiʻi Government Register available online through Nexis Uni.

Historical look at the making of administrative laws in Hawaiʻi.  Also available in the Law Library.