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Note Taking in Class

Systems and methods for better note taking that lead to faster learning.

DaVinci Method

DaVinci Method

Named for Leonardo DaVinci, this method is very similar to the Cornell Method, but uses single sheets of paper (not bound in a notebook), and it reverses the measurements on the page. Thus, the left-hand side, the Note Taking Area is 6 inches, the right-hand side, the Cue Area is 2.5 inches, and a 2 inch Summary Area at the bottom of the page. But, he also included a title or heading at the top of the page. The DaVinci Method uses an illustration that is often centered on the left-hand side (large part) of the page. Illustrations are key to this method.

Some things to consider for this method, which, it is said, integrate the right- and left-brains.

  • Put a heading on the page
  • Doodle an image 
  • Insert keywords and more doodles
  • Radiate arms from the map connecting the keywords to the central image
  • Continue or stop