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Note Taking in Class

Systems and methods for better note taking that lead to faster learning.

Note Taking Systems

To use a note taking system or not?

Some students may think that a note taking system is unnecessary. Perhaps they are right, but you may wish to explore some alternatives to make learning a new language or skill easier or more effective. Engaging with the material frequently over time seems to be the most effective strategy for learning. 

What about taking verbatim notes? Isn't that better?

It may seem better to take verbatim notes, but what you are getting out of the lecture is more practice on your QWERTY keyboard skills. It may make you an excellent typist, but learning the content of the lecture will be left to a time when you are on your own and the teacher is not available. Studies show that the least effective way to learn is to type what the professor says verbatim because you are not engaging with the material.