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Guide to the Law Library at UH Manoa : FAQs

A guide to the University of Hawaii Law Library.

Questions Frequently Asked (And Answered)

Can I use Westlaw and Lexis for law schools in the Law Library?

No, both of these resources are proprietary and you must be a law student, law faculty or law staff to be authorized to use them.  However, most cases and statutes can be accessed via Lexis Uni from our public computer stations.

Is the Law Library open to the public?

Yes, it is.  Please consult our web page for our hours.

Where are the law reviews and journals?

Most law reviews are available online via one of the public access computers and Heinonline or LexisNexis Academic.

Where is the bathroom?

The Law Library has only one set of bathrooms.  Follow the right-hand aisle, they are on the right about half-way down.

Where is Shepard's?

The Law Library no longer carries a full set of Shepard's citators.  However, we do keep current Shepard Citators for Hawaii and Pacific Reports.  One is found in the Hawaii section near Hawaii Reports and the other is in the reference section after Pacific Reports.