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Bluebook Citations: About

Guide to basic legal citations to the 20th ed. of The Bluebook.

About this Guide

Citations in this Guide have been updated to the 20th edition of The Bluebook, A Uniform System of Citation.  9/30/2015

The Bluebook requires citation to the regional reporters only, but many courts in Hawaii follow this citation guide:, and use parallel citations to Hawaii Reports as well as the Pacific Reporter.
Using the linked guide, all references to Hawaii Reports after volume 75 would use Hawaiʻi with the okina. Thus, Dannenberg v. State, 139 Haw. 39, 383 P.3d 1177 (2016) becomes Dannenberg v. State, 139 Hawaiʻi 39, 383 P.3d 1177 (2016). 
According to the Bluebook, cases from the Intermediate Court of Appeals use Haw. Ct. App. in the parenthetical, but the linked guide uses only App. in the parenthetical.

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