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Bar Exam Guide: MEE

Guide to the Bar exam

The Basics

The Multistate Essay Examination (MEE) consists of six 30-minute essay questions, which tests twelve subject ares. These subject areas are:

1. Business Associations

2. Civil Procedure

3. Conflict of Laws

4. Constitutional Law

5. Contracts and Sales

6. Criminal Law and Procedure

7. Evidence

8. Family Law

9. Real Property

10. Secured Transactions

11. Torts

12. Trusts and Estates

The weight of the MEE varies by jurisdiction, but is usually weighted as 30% of the bar exam.

An outline for subject areas tested on the MEE published by the NCBE can be located here:

MEE Questions from the NCBE

Released MEE questions from older administrations of the MEE can be located here:

Additionally, some states release MEE questions used in more recent administrations of the MEE. compiles some of these MEE questions and that web page can be located here: